A38 Stover Country Park Wetland

During 2019, WBM contributed to the ICE award winning project, to protect Stover country wetland park from surface contaminants created by vehicles using the nearby A38.

The project initially arose from concern caused by the deteriorating biodiversity which the park was renowned for. After further examination it was found that contaminated silt that had come from the A38.

Working with Highways England and South West Highways, WBM implemented all of the Highway drainage which included:

  • Roadside filter drains
  • ACO drainage kerbs
  • Drainage realignments
  • Silt traps
  • Change of direction and connection manhole installation

All of which were completed without negatively impacting the wildlife within the park.

The project proved to be a remarkable success, providing better surface water drainage from the A38, treating pollutants that enter the drainage system and restoring habitats and biodiversity within Stover country park wetland.

Highways England, through South West Highways
Stover, Devon